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A Mother’s Plea
By Teresa Nguyen
June, 2020

My son, who is brown, why should I feel worry
That you are pulled over if you’re in a hurry
My son with dark hair, why should I feel fear
That one will mistake you for how you appear 

My son who’s part Asian, so anxious I am
Of hatred and blame for where COVID began 
My son with brown eyes, it’s sad they won’t see
That you are so worthy of the same liberty

My beautiful child, with skin golden tan
Whose soul is so gentle, a kind-hearted man
If they only knew of your talents, your charm
Your wisdom and courage, that you mean no harm

Would they stop and think twice? I ponder this thought
For freedom and rights our forefathers fought
These rights not for some, but for ALL in this land?
Created all equal: red, white, black or tan

Please hear my request, not small but so great
The life of my child is what is at stake
One judgement too soon could end a young life
One with a future, one with a wife

We have to sit down, two sides at a table
To honestly listen, if you think you are able
To hear all the issues, to see with your heart
To keep our great nation from tearing apart

© 2020 by Teresa Nguyen
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