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About the Interviews

Question: What is the “Janesville Area”?

  • Individuals, businesses and non-profits must reside/be within the Rock County limits. 

Question: Will you interview someone who isn’t popular or a community leader, but one who is very special…someone like my grandmother or a close friend?

  • Absolutely! Every person’s story is important…we are each a golden thread in the beautiful tapestry of the Janesville area.

  • JAS does not discriminate based on race, nationality, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, political affiliation or age. 

Question: How do I schedule an interview?

  • Contact us to schedule an interview!

Question: How much does it cost to have a person, business or non-profit interviewed?

  • The price varies for each. Contact us to request the pricing list. See more questions on sponsorship below.

Question: Where do you conduct the interviews?

  • Business and non-profit interviews are conveniently conducted at the place of business or non-profit site or office.

  • Individual interviews are usually conducted in a public location chosen by the interviewer, with exceptions for the elderly, handicapped, etc.

  • If a private home visit is necessary, the presence of a third party may be requested.

Question: How long will it take until we see the story published?

  • It varies. Individual stories may only take approximately 1-2 weeks. A business or non-profit could take up to 4 weeks to complete. Be sure to book well enough in advance if you want to share a story for a special event.

  • You will be given an estimate at the time of the interview.

  • There is no guarantee on publishing dates.

  • We will notify you as soon as the story is ready to be published.

About Purchasing or Sponsoring an Interviewand Publishing a Story

Question: Can I purchase an interview for anyone, any business or any non-profit?

  • Yes! You do not have to be related and you don’t have to work at the business or non-profit. Maybe you just appreciate what a non-profit or business is doing for the community and you want to pay it forward. Maybe someone special is having a birthday or an anniversary or you want to give a unique and lasting Christmas gift.

  • You can also request to have your own story published or that of your own business.

Question: Is there a benefit to purchasing/sponsoring an interview & story?

  • Most definitely! As an individual, your name will be listed on the story as the sponsor. You can include a line or two as to why you wanted to sponsor the story.

  • As a business or non-profit, your logo will appear on the story as the sponsor. An additional business/non-profit name and tagline is optional.

  • When the story is shared on social media, additional sponsorship thanks will be included…bonus advertising!

  • It is one of the most meaningful gifts one can give. Your special someone will be eternally grateful for your thoughtfulness.

Question: How do I pay for an interview?

  • Payments can be made in cash or by check. Please Contact us for details.

  • The fee is due prior to publication on the JAS website.

Question: Can I remain anonymous if I purchase/sponsor a story?

  • Absolutely, you may remain anonymous. It will be listed as such: Sponsored by Anonymous


Sponsorship will include your logo
your logo here.jpg
My Rights

Question: Can I write or edit my own story and send it to you?

  • No. The benefit in hiring JAS is that we will do all the work FOR you! Multiple writers and editors will only complicate the process and could lead to a cluttered mix of creative writing styles.

  • If there is a factual error in your published story (a wrong date, misspelled name, etc.), please let us know as soon as possible and we will correct the error(s) so that, as a valued customer, you are satisfied.

Question: Can I refuse to have my story published and just keep the story for myself or my family?

  • Yes. It is preferred that JAS publish the stories, but you may choose to refuse publication permission. The pricing stays the same. You will need to indicate this preference on the permission form with the promise to not publish anywhere else in print or online. The creative writing of the story is the intellectual property and copyright of the writer, Teresa Nguyen, Janesville Area Stories.

  • A digital copy will be shared with you if you choose this option. Hard copies are available with this option, as well.

Girl Behind the Lens

Question: Can I refuse to have my photos published?

  • Yes, you may choose to refuse permission to use photos of you. You will need to indicate this on the permission form. We will discuss alternative photo options with you (pictures of buildings, locations or objects).

Question: May I use photos taken by a professional photographer?

  • If your photographer has given you permission (a release form) then yes, you may send us the professional photos and we will be happy to use them in the story. We will give photo credit to the photographer.

  • We will need a copy of the release form or the photographer's written permission.

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