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Hope Through the Tears
By Teresa Nguyen
April, 2020

A small living thing we can’t even see
A killer among us. In you? In me?
Like a wave in a stadium flowing so fast
It spread. We weren’t ready. With stealth, so vast
In hundreds, in thousands, a million growing
Will it ever stop? We ask, “Is it slowing?”
We seek signs of hope, a glimpse of the end
Will it first take a loved one? First take a friend?

My breathing is shallow, no I am not ill
Anxiety robs me of sleep in the still
My mind plays the scenes, the light and the dark
As the thunder approaches, racing my heart
And yet I won’t part with the hope that I keep
It shines in small places, on tears that I weep
In the hands of a seamstress sewing a mask
In the sigh of a nurse conquering a task

In the sound of a siren, they’re saving a life
The windows of hearts, show love in this strife
Of balcony singing, sharing in song
Instruments playing, and clapping along
There’s hope in the doctors who work overtime
In scientists testing, in numbers declined
There’s hope in compassion, the good that we see
In changing our mindset, not “me” now, but “we”

We’ll fight for this hope, fight for this earth
And someday our planet will see a rebirth
When life will be changed, rainbow from the storm
And kindness and loving become the new norm
For now, count the blessings, so many they are
And continue to count them under the stars
We will fight for the future, for our children, too
They will plant a new hope for me and for you

© 2020 by Teresa Nguyen
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