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A Closer Look

Santa & The Grinch

By Teresa Nguyen

Featuring Photos by Kim Hoholek Photography

November, 2021

The Grinch and Santa resting at Home Again
One bright chilly day in November
Santa was sad, I remember
The Grinch wasn’t nice
Like a terrible spice
So ready to ruin December
Grinch liked Santa’s Green Machine
He wanted to take it! So mean!
They chased here and there
Up, down, everywhere
A mess Santa had not foreseen
Then Santa thought of a good plan
Even though he was not a big fan
He invited the beast
To a bit of a feast
Well, that’s how their friendship began
The Grinch thought about it and said,
Okay, but then maybe instead
Could you give it my name?
It’s only a game
“Grinch Machine” is how the sign read
Together they went out for lunch
Santa, he wanted a bunch
The Grinch made a frown
Said, “Your belly is round”
Let’s go get some salad to crunch
The Grinch and Santa at So Chopped
The Grinch and Santa at The Sweet Exchange
But after the meal Santa sighed
His tummy did rumble inside
So they stopped for a treat
Something small, but so sweet
Then the two took off for a great ride
They traveled the streets of downtown
As a shuttle to shops up and down
Santa was glad
And The Grinch wasn’t mad
They brought smiles of joy all around
The Grinch Machine at the Town Square
Because Santa was nice from the start
The Grinch, from his old ways would part
He learned how to share 
And he learned how to care
‘Twas the day that he softened his heart
“Do you think we can do this once more?”
Asked the Grinch, as he stood at the door
“I don’t see why not
Let’s give it a shot!”
Santa smiled even more than before
And soon they began to prepare
As Christmas was filling the air
They’ll join a parade
What fun will be made!
They hope to see all of you there!
Join Santa and the Grinch at the Jolly Jingle Parade on Saturday, December 4th, 2021, in downtown Janesville!
Find more information at Janesville Jolly JingleDowntown Janesville, Inc. and the Janesville Area Convention and Visitors Bureau.
Santa played by Todd Kimball
The Grinch played by Ashton Hughes
Photos by Kim Hoholek Photography
Thanks to
Downtown Janesville, Inc., 
Janesville Area Convention and Visitors Bureau

and to all the "Shop the Rock" Sponsors!
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