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To request a price list: 

Why purchase an interview?

  • A published story makes a wonderful gift! 
  • A story is a great business marketing strategy!
  • Leave a legacy!      

Do you know an outstanding individual in the Janesville area whose story should be told? Do you volunteer at a fantastic non-profit or work for an amazing company or small business? You can purchase an interview of a Janesville area individual, a non-profit or a business. You can even purchase the publication of your own story!

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Benefits to Purchasing an Interview

  • As an individual, your name will be listed on the story as the sponsor. You can include a line or two as to why you wanted to sponsor the story. You may also remain anonymous.

  • As a business or non-profit, your logo will appear on the story as the sponsor. An additional business/non-profit name and tagline is optional.

  • When the story is shared on social media, additional thanks will be included…bonus advertising!

  • It is one of the most meaningful gifts one can give. Your special someone will be eternally grateful for your thoughtfulness.

When your business sponsors a story, your logo will be featured on the story!

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Pricing - What it Covers

The cost varies for the type of story: an individual, a nonprofit or a business.

The cost includes the following:

  • Scheduling interviews

  • Travel within Rock County, WI

  • Interviewing time

  • Transcribing

  • Creative writing of the story and editing 

  • Photography/photo collecting and editing

  • Creatively arranging the story on the website

  • Publishing on the Janesville Area Stories website

  • Sharing to social media

  • Behind the scenes costs to maintain the website

Nonprofit and Business stories also include:

  • A visit and tour of your non-profit or business

  • In-depth research and a historical narrative of your nonprofit or business.

  • Interviews of 5-6 individuals (founders, leaders, volunteers, etc.)

  • Photo collecting, scanning, editing

  • Transcribing interviews, creative writing, editing

  • Creatively arranging the story on the website

  • Publishing your story on the Janesville Area Stories website

  • Social media sharing and promotion of story

  • Behind the scenes costs to maintain the website

  • Attendance at one of your special events (schedule permitting)

  • For an additional fee - public speaking at one of your events (optional)



Teresa brings professional experience, dedication and creative skill to her work. The time and effort she gives to each person and each story is an experience unlike any other. She is trustworthy in her dedication and promises beautiful attention to detail and voice. Tess makes sure each story is factual, authentic and interesting, without a typical "news media" spin. She is passionate about her work, beautifully bringing Janesville's stories to life!


The stories are published on the Janesville Area Stories website and then shared on the Janesville Area Stories social media platforms for the enjoyment of readers in the Janesville area and far beyond!

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Writer, Teresa Nguyen
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