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The Drums of War
By Teresa A. Nguyen

I hear the drums of war
A steady, louder beat
They're elsewhere on this earth
But vibrate at my feet

The evils are so clear
Of ego, greed and power
And lives not given thought                                                  
As drums beat hour on hour

The people are the pawns
In their game of hate-filled war
Obsession and desire
And always wanting more

There is a human cost
But they don't hear the cries
As bombs and missiles launch
Across the once blue skies

It's difficult to stand
On the sidelines, just to view
The dangers and the threats
To the world, to me and you

I hear the wails of children
Drowned by the drums of war
And pray for that sweet day
When the beat we hear no more

© 2022 by Teresa Nguyen
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